Wednesday, July 24, 2013

End Of Another Year

My first year in college, my friend recommended these amazing August to August planners, and I've been using ‘em ever since! Even though I’m no longer in school, I love starting fresh each fall, and having a “year” end at the end of summer. Plus, the way they’re organized is just the bee’s knees. When another August rolls around, I always get a little nostalgic about throwing my old one away. It always looks like it's been drug through hell and back: each page has sticky-notes and there's usually a coffee drip somewhere, my daily activities are highlighted, circled, underlined and scratched out. Upon flipping through it, I realized there were some major life events I experienced this year.

1. I met my friend Cyril at the end of August. He started at the same company where I work, and he immediately became my gay work husband, or I became his work wife? Either way, it feels like I've known him forever, and in the past year, we have shared many a laugh... and cocktail (or 30). 

2. At the end of October, I was selected to join the council board for the Young Professionals Network (YPN), which is a part of the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce. As a result, I've gotten to do some really fun things, and met some really cool people through the events we get to plan.

3. In February, I got a promotion! I am so much happier in this position. My previous position was affecting my health. Seriously. I went to the doctor, and for the first time in my life, had super high blood pressure. I felt like crying every day, and going to work was like torture. No bueno.   

4. I bought my first car in March. And by “bought” I mean signed my life away to car payments for the next 5,490,362 years of my life. It was scary, and the payments suck, but hey, it’s still a milestone!

The Duomo in Orvieto
5. In June, I went to Italy. There were a lot of firsts for me regarding this whole experience: my first passport, my first international flight, my first time flying by myself, my first time staying in a hotel alone, and obviously, my first time in Italy! I also got allergy tested for the first time before I went so I wouldn't be miserable (I can’t believe I waited 26 years to do it). Italy was the most exhausting, beautiful, delicious, expensive, fascinating place I’d ever been to. I loved it.

Can’t wait to see what the next year brings!