Friday, August 30, 2013


So you know when you’re alone at a coffee shop, and you have your ear buds in, listening to your music, laptop out, and you just feel like you’re in your own little world? Yeah, that never happens to me. The other day, I was at Starbucks, and I just felt like everyone was staring at me. I felt like guys kept standing too close, and women kept peering over my shoulder to see what I was doing on my laptop. Alright, so I was laughing by myself to this adorable video of a dog playing dead, but still. Does that feeling happen to other people, or is it just me, myself, and my paranoia?

I even got up to go to the restroom at one point, and this lady was just openly staring at me as I walked back. I understand how sometimes you might glance up at someone as they’re walking by, but she was full-on staring. No smile. No blinking. If I hadn’t just checked myself in the restroom mirror, I might have thought I had a boogie in my nose or something.

On rare occasions, one might take this as a compliment. As in, yeah, my hair looks great, and I have on a cute outfit. But I was wearing jeans, a fleece jacket, my hair was pulled into a messy bun and the only makeup I had on was some eyeliner I applied as I groggily tried to find my way out of the house. A beauty queen I was not. Maybe I had just had too much caffeine.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I Had The Best of Wine-tentions

We’re having our one month of summer here in Seattle (aka August) and the temperatures have been crazy hot. I mean, it was 88 in my car yesterday! Alright, so that’s not Arizona-triple-digit hot, but that’s pretty much like Hades to us Seattle-ites. In accordance with this hot weather, I thought it would be refreshing to have a white wine spritzer one night after work. Besides the fact that it was a great excuse to get in my air-conditioned car and drive to Target, (have I mentioned I love Target?) I had actually never tried one before.

White wine and 7UP in hand, I arrived back home and began following The Pioneer Woman's protocol by making sure they were adequately cold. Both had just been sitting on the shelves, so to speed up the process, I put them in the freezer. Unfortunately, I got distracted by an episode of Real Housewives of OC (Gretchen’s proposal song, anyone?) and completely forgot about them, and making a white wine spritzer in general.

The next day, I’m rummaging in my freezer for something when I find a cork. Baffled, I also suddenly realize that there’s a strong aroma of wine coming from the freezer. And this is what I found:
On the plus side: 1. it was kind of cool to see a cork perfectly intact, and 2. I tried my first wine-sicle!

Friday, August 9, 2013


My sort of manager (long story) brought in blueberries for everyone from the blueberry patch that his wife’s family owns in Bellingham. They’re so yummy. I love blueberries more than ANY of the other berries. These are amazing ones too — they’re sweet and delicious, and I’ve been munching on them at my desk all week.

I found these while cleaning out my desk: A Ricky Martin XOXO sticker, a Greenbay Packers tattoo, and two Lisa Frank kitty stickers. Weird.

This is the wrist band for the Capitol Hill Block Party. I’d never been before, and although my gall bladder felt like it was going to explode any second, it was pretty fun.

A sign on the jukebox at The Bandits Bar in Belltown.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Oh, The Gall!

Last week started like any other. First, I scared myself half to death by watching “Silence of the Lambs” for the first time. Usually, slasher movies don’t scare me as much as ghost movies do (those Paranormal Activity moves scare the bejesus out of me), but this really freaked me out. I don’t care if you’re 90 years old, are in a wheelchair, and wearing a habit, I am NOT helping you move that couch into your van.

Second, I accidentally bought fabric softener and washed everything I ever owned in it. All my stuff came out smelling amazing, but it was oily and greasy and gross. It sucked. They should really put that stuff in different looking bottles than laundry detergent. Or sell them on completely opposite parts of the store. Get on that Target.

So things were going according to a typical week (for me, anyway) when suddenly, on Wednesday, I was wracked with the most painful stomach ache ever. I was at work, and they were so bad, I couldn’t even walk to my bus stop to go home. Obvious thoughts were gas, poo, indigestion, all those lady-like things, but nothing alleviated it. I finally managed to stumble home, and for a while, thought it was getting better. Unfortunately, it would rear its ugly head again the following day.  After many, many, MANY texts from my mom, I dragged myself to the doctor who believed I probably had gall stones. Still, she decided I would need to be pricked for a blood draw and humiliated with a urine sample. It was a lot to take in before 8 a.m.

A week later, things are better, but not 100%. I went to the doctor for a follow-up appointment on Monday, and she thinks that since I’m getting better, she wants to wait and see if things will clear up on their own. Fingers crossed.

No one wants to see a picture of a gall bladder, so instead, here's an adorable picture of Millie yawning.
Immediately after my doctor’s appointment, I went to a volunteer event for my work which was being hosted by EarthCorps. Yep, that’s how dedicated I am. It was actually really fun though. We cleaned up a park, and took down some nasty, invasive plants. Beforehand, they had a pre-yoga stretch which, OK I kind of laughed about when they sent an email saying that was happening, but it was actually uh-mazing. It’s totally different doing a sun salutation and looking up and seeing blue sky and green, leafy trees instead of a ceiling.

Here's some peeps about to go into downward dog. It was tres divertido (there's a little French AND Spanish for ya)